Real Estate

John CoreyJohn Corey one of the founders of Chelsea Private Equity.

Mr. Corey is a real estate strategist with 25+ years of real-estate experience in the UK and USA. His success has been achieved by recognizing property profits can be maximized when you start to create strategies relating to the terms under which the property is acquired or sold, and not simply relying on price-led strategies. His creative approach to property investment has been crafted into a successful real estate study courses, education seminars while still providing advisory services.

Retainer Clients: We provide independent analysis and advice to our retainer clients, who need to know the current and future health of the market to make key decisions. Though our retained services we gain continuous insight into our clients’ needs and are available to help them review, analyze, and execute key portfolio decisions.

Custom Clients: We provide independent analysis on a project by project basis in the areas of:

  • Strategic planning for under-performing, surplus and foreclosed properties
  • Acquisition analysis and due diligence for development projects and investment properties
  • Performance Audits
  • Identification of investment opportunities
  • Strategic portfolio management
  • Assistance with the disposal of property holdings
  • Asset management and development consultancy (Mentoring)
  • Advisory services for start-up and management of property funds