Welcome to 2012

The new year started today. Happy New Year!Happy New Year

I expect a few things to be different during 2012. Rather than spill the beans and tell you everything all at once I will be announcing things when they are ready for prime time.

What I will say right now is I am working on a book. One one level, the book is a way to collect my thoughts on real estate investing. In addition, the content which will form the book will be the starting point for courses, for monthly discussions in London and other ways to to engage with others. Thinking about it, the book is closer to a roadmap for the year and a way to make it easy to share what I know so others can benefit.

I have been using the holiday period to flush out much of the detail for the book. Progress was good up until a couple of days ago when I took off some time while visiting my sister and her family. Having just flown back earlier this evening I will be getting back to work tomorrow, Monday Jan 2nd. It will be a further week before I fly back to London. I expect to make a great deal more progress before getting on the plane.

I am targeting the 15th of this month for the completion of the first draft. Maybe draft is the wrong term as it will be an outline with all the text minus any of the editing that will make it really flow.

I am interested in sharing the main topics I expect to cover so you can let me know if there is anything else you want reviewed. The initial list of topics came from a monthly meeting I hold in London where other investors (newbies and experienced people). I created the partial list and they suggested changes and additions. I will share the list of topics tomorrow. I need to work on the formatting before posting it here.

Questions or comments?